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Some people complained that Lifebook Online moved too quickly for them. However, a large number of people were unconcerned about this.

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Lifebook Online Review

To make your own 100-page lifebook, you’ll need to put in 3-6 hours every week for 6 weeks, totaling 18-36 hours. It enables you to become “the author of your own life” by gaining a thorough awareness of the type of life you choose. That is the objective. In these 12 categories, Jon and Missy will get you thinking about the kind of success you want in life.

Think of Lifebook as your own personal game plan for getting to where you want to go in life.The secret is that you write everything down and then print and bind your own book. That is why a lifebook is so powerful. By writing out your life’s vision, you become more attached to it and so more inclined to see it through to completion. As a result, a lifebook’s foundation is based on “scientific concrete.”

What Is Lifebook?

Lifebook Online is a six-week program that helps you attain fulfilment in twelve different areas of your life. The twelve categories are intertwined, so that completing one leads to the completion of the others. This multiplies the advantages, maintains development, and goes beyond standard goal-setting. Your unique dreams and plans will be preserved in a commemorative book once completed. But don’t get too worked up; this isn’t War and Peace. It’s a bulleted list of your goals, motives, and tactics for living your greatest life.

Without making any compromises or sacrifices.Lifebook Online’s mission is straightforward: to help you improve your life. Jon and Missy Butcher have designed a six-week course on Mindvalley. You’ll receive a customised, one-of-a-kind 100-page book documenting your goals and progress by the end of the programme. You’ll learn about two distinct aspects of life each week, for a total of 12 elements.

How Does Lifebook Online Work?

The 12 Lifebook Category Lessons are provided in order, and you are limited to two every week. You are asked to answer the same four introspective questions in each category. The questions assist you in letting go of limiting thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones. Within each area, you next create an ideal vision, motivating motivations, and defined tactics for achievement.You may have purchased some online courses in the past and believe that Lifebook is comparable to those courses in which you pay a fee to receive the videos and that’s it. However, this is not the case. Lifebook isn’t like these self-improvement programmes. This 6-week course by Jon and Missy includes all of the video recordings, cues, worksheets, and access to their private Facebook group. Every week, the emphasis is changed to two different aspects of your life.

The questions are included, as well as the videos. It does not, however, end there. The questions prompt you to reflect about your life and how you want it to be in the future. The set of questions forces you to think about and evaluate your life. In addition, the videos in each category are jam-packed with wisdom and insights. You must view these videos before answering the questions since they will help you structure your objective, aims, and purpose.You may find it difficult to keep up with these audio and lessons at times. However, ensure that you have enough time to complete the course; otherwise, it will not provide the benefit that it claims to provide. However, you need not be concerned because you will have lifetime access to the course and will be able to complete it at your own leisure. The volume of practical advice and information supplied by Lifebook is its most outstanding feature. Lifebook is informative and detailed, but it is up to you to build the life you want and take responsibility for your choices.

What Will You Get From Lifebook Online?

  • 6-weeks of video training with a total of 18 hours of curriculum content.
  • Weekly live coaching meetings with the founders Expertly produced templates to help you create your Lifebook.
  • On coaching conversations with the Lifebook creators themselves, the most common student questions from each area were answered.
  • Exclusive access to the Mindvalley community and pertinent events for the rest of your life.
  • Most modern devices, including laptops, desktop computers, Android phones, iPhones, and tablets, can access the course.
  • Access to their private Facebook community on a worldwide scale.
  • Upgrades to the program are available for free every year.
  • Jon Butcher’s own Lifebook, hand-picked pages.


  • The publication of the book. Many Mindvalley courses revolve around watching videos and writing in a diary. They’re fantastic for contemplation, but they’re sometimes lacking in terms of “call-to-action.” That isn’t the case with Lifebook. Instead, the entire course is centred on creating a tangible object. It’s a book! You’ll have established your own life plan by the end of the course. On Mindvalley, the concept is unique and a refreshing perspective on the self-help mindset.
  • The twelve aspects of life. I appreciated how Lifebook was divided into 12 distinct sections. It gave the course a more well-rounded tone, rather than a focus on a narrow definition of success. I believe that everyone could improve in at least one area of their lives, therefore having such a diverse curriculum made for an enjoyable learning experience.
  • The evaluations. I loved how these tools established a baseline for your life and then tracked your progress for six weeks. The training took on new meaning as you watched your life quotient climb (or decline).
  • The refund. It’s possible that the course will be free! All you have to do now is fill it out and submit it in time for your rebate. If you follow the steps successfully, you will receive a unique life plan as well as six coaching calls for free.


  • The quotient of life. The quiz was entertaining. But I couldn’t figure out how to calculate the “life quotient.” There’s a hazy graph that indicates how scores are spread across a population, but it’s unclear who these people are or how the numbers were calculated. I enjoyed witnessing the improvement, but I wish it had been made more plain.
  • The live course is infrequent. Because the course isn’t provided all of the time (due to Jon and Missy’s hectic schedules), you’ll need to plan ahead of time. Otherwise, all coaching calls will be pre-recorded, which I don’t find as fascinating.


After finishing Jon and Missy Butcher’s Lifebook on Mindvalley, I have to declare that Lifebook is worthwhile for some people. If you’re looking for a self-help project with a definite, attainable aim, Lifebook is a great choice. It’s a fantastic training that will help you organise your life and set goals for the future. I especially liked the templates for the 12 life categories, which guide you through creating your own 100-page lifebook. When you consider that completing the course and requesting your rebate within the deadline can get you a free Lifebook, the course becomes even more worthwhile, as you get your own personalised lifeplan for no cost. That’s a fantastic deal. For me, it was well worth it.

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